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Train No. 009/010 “Baikal” 

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Train 009/010 is one of the top-quality trains called “firmenniy” in Russian. Like all “firmenny” (literally - branded) Russian trains it has its own name which is “Baikal”. It is our local passenger service operated by Irkutsk subsidiary of the Russian Railways. “Baikal” leaves Irkutsk in the westbound direction and departs from St. Petersburg for the reverse trip eastwards on odd days (e.g. 1-st, 3-rd, 5-th day of the month). It covers the distance of 5,465 km (3,340 mi) in almost 4 full days.

Previously, “Baikal” used to run every second day between Irkutsk and Moscow for many decades, but on June 2010 it was diverted to Saint Petersburg instead of Moscow. It became the first direct railway connection from Siberian cities in the Lake Baikal area to St. Petersburg.

During the summer high-season it consists of 2-berth and 4-berth sleeping wagons. Some of the coaches provide extra services already included into ticket price. These are newspapers and magazines, vanity bags (with soap, napkins, toilet paper, etc.), and, the most important, meals served into compartments. During off-season months the train has only 2-nd class 4-berth cabin carriages with no possibility to include meals into ticket price.

Train 009/010 is as nice and as comfortable as the famous train 001/002 “Rossiya”, but tickets for “Baikal” are sold at somewhat cheaper rates making it a very good competitor to “Rossiya” at many shorter segments of the Trans-Siberian, e.g. from Irkutsk to Yekaterinburg or Perm at the Ural mountains where many Trans-Sib travelers also choose to make a stopover quite frequently.

Besides, when traveling westwards from Irkutsk, many trains that pass Lake Baikal on the way to the European part of Russia are often fully booked during the high tourist season. Especially this concerns 1-st class coaches that are very few in trains, if any. As for 009 “Baikal” which originates from Irkutsk, it is always relatively easy to purchase tickets in the westbound direction.

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Route and Timetable

Train 009 Irkutsk - St. Petersburg

Train Station* Arrival
(Moscow time)
(Moscow time)
Hours ahead of Moscow Running days
Irkutsk ... 15:10 +5 Day 1
Odd dates
Krasnoyarsk 09:03 09:38 +4 Day 2
Novosibirsk 21:43 22:24 +3 Day 2
Omsk 06:46 07:39 +3 Day 3
Yekaterinburg 20:58 21:21 +2 Day 3
Perm 02:52 03:12 +2 Day 4
Vologda 21:47 22:10 0 Day 4
St. Petersburg 10:00 ... 0 Day 5

Train 010 St. Petersburg - Irkutsk

Train Station* Arrival
(Moscow time)
(Moscow time)
Hours ahead of Moscow Running days
St. Petersburg ... 16:32 0 Day 1
Odd dates
Vologda 03:33 03:56 0 Day 2
Perm 22:02 22:22 +2 Day 2
Yekaterinburg 03:53 04:30 +2 Day 3
Omsk 16:29 17:02 +3 Day 3
Novosibirsk 00:54 01:43 +3 Day 4
Krasnoyarsk 12:44 13:19 +4 Day 4
Irkutsk 07:06 ... +5 Day 5

Last update:  October 7, 2011

* There are only major train stops listed that may be of an interest for the Trans-Siberian travelers.


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