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Express Train No. 9/10 “Baikal” is one of the most famous quality trains that is operated by Russian Railway Company. It used to run every second day between Irkutsk and Moscow for many decades. On June 2010, it was redirected to St. Petersburg instead of Moscow. “Baikal” train became the first direct railway connection from Siberian cities west of Baikal to St. Petersburg.

The train leaves Irkutsk on odd days, and departs St. Petersburg for the reverse trip on even days. It covers the distance of 5,465 km (3,340 mi) in 3 days and 19 hours. During first three months over 40 thousand passengers purchased train tickets to St. Petersburg, and over 36 thousand people took the train on return way.

However, many travel-trade professional doubted that it was necessary to cancel this high-quality train from Irkutsk to Moscow. Most of the local passengers in Russia tend to choose some lower quality and thus cheaper trains. “Baikal” train was widely used by western travelers who take a journey on the Train-Siberian railway to Moscow from where they usually fly home. Since the change of the train direction was announced only a month before the fist actual departure to St. Petersburg some of the tour groups had to rearrange their programs or seek for alternative trains to Moscow. St. Petersburg is an important city to have direct connection with, but it required an additional train without cancelling the route which was included in numerous international tour programs marketed in advance.

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