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Lake Baikal Travel

Lake Baikal becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia after capital cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and it is no doubt the most visited tourist center in Siberia. Each year the increasing number of foreign visitors choose Lake Baikal as a final point of travel or as one of the key stopovers along their Trans-Siberian journeys. Some people use services of travel agencies in their home countries, some like to take full responsibility of their vacation and surf the web in search of better options. Since Internet became a part of everyday life most of the travelers no matter how they book a tour do research on the places they visit.

There is a variety travel guides that feature articles about Lake Baikal. However, most of them give only common information with no deeper insights into accommodation options, historical and natural landmarks of smaller cities and settlements found here. Besides, many of these travel guides are not locally run which make the data accurate only for the time of writing. As for the local travel sites about Lake Baikal there is certainly a lack of comprehensive information in English.

This project is aimed to provide up-to-date and complete information about travel opportunities in the area of Lake Baikal. At this web-site we try to give you an overview of the most tourist-oriented destinations, inform you about interesting attractions, and provide an adequate database of accommodations with a list of hotels that specialize in hosting foreign guests and have enough amenities to meet standards of the most westerners.

Kimlan Tour Operator

Lake Baikal Travel web-site is owned and operated by travel specialists of OOO TF KIMLAN tour operator. Organized in 1997, our company is located in Irkutsk (Siberia, Russia) which is famous for being the capital of Eastern Siberia and the closest major city to Lake Baikal. We reserve most of the services listed on the web-site ourselves. If not, we can provide contact information of the service supplier.

In the full accordance with Russian Federal legislation we have a valid tour operator’s liability insurance, and thus we are officially listed in the Federal Registry of Russia’s Tour Operators. We specialize in incoming tour operation to Siberia and Lake Baikal region offering tours and services to our foreign guests as well as Russian travelers. Since we are located here, right in the area where we operate our tours, we have seen and tried most of the services ourselves and carefully select suppliers that meet international hospitality standards.

Our second specialization is outbound travel operation to East and South-East Asia, particularly China. For over 10 years we have been organizing tours to China. Now, we have reliable partners there whom we know in person and who became our close friends. Since Irkutsk is geographically close to these Asian countries we often visit these destinations, and we know from our own experience what we offer to our guests there.

Being located in Irkutsk which stands right in the middle of Trans-Siberian railway route we try to make all efforts to provide our guests with an opportunity to have all their travel needs satisfied from a single supplier.

We offer the following tourist and travel-related services:

- Cultural and excursion tour itineraries to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.
- Accommodation in hotels, lodges and campings in Irkutsk and all around Lake Baikal.
- All types of ground and water transportation in the region.
- Excursion tours to European part of Russia including Moscow and St. Petersburg.
- International and domestic airline and train tickets reservation.
- Complex packages along the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian Railways with stopovers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Ulan Bator and Beijing.

We will be very pleased to serve you at Lake Baikal and will do our best in order to provide you the most unforgettable experience of Russia!