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Trans-Siberian Train No. 001/002 “Rossiya” 

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Train No. 001/002 “Rossiya” express is one of the best trains that Russian Railways has to offer to the Trans-Sib travelers. It is a superior train operated with the highest standards of quality and service. The train is very nice and fancy, quite fast (with as little stops as possible), yet probably the most expensive scheduled train that can be found on the Trans-Siberian railway.

Like all “firmenniy” (literally - branded) trains it has its own name. It is “Rossiya” meaning Russia in the Roman script from the Russian language. The name is indicated outside of the carriages on the route plates. The train is commuting between Moscow and Vladivostok at the Pacific coast of Russia covering the whole distance from the west to the east of the country. Train 002 going eastwards departs Moscow on odd dates at 23:45 and arrives to Vladivostok after 6 full days spent on the way. On the reverse route, train 001 departs Vladivostok at 15:30 (Moscow time) and heads its way back to Moscow for another 6 days.

The train has both 1-st and 2-nd class cabins. Unlike all other trains, “Rossiya” carriages are painted in its own band colors and the interiors are decorated in the unique way. Carriage attendants wear uniforms specially tailored for the train’s personnel. "Rossiya" offers its passengers a full range of services. Some of the coaches provide extras already included into ticket price. These are TV sets in the cabins, newspapers and magazines, vanity bags (with soap, napkins, toilet paper, etc.), and, the most important, meals served into compartments.

We recommend this train for relaxing and enjoyable trip on the Trans-Siberian railway with the most of comfort available. “Rossija” is very popular among foreign tourists who take the journey across Russia. Although, during high tourist season it may be quite difficult to purchase tickets especially at the intermediate stops (e.g. Irkutsk) since the train may be fully booked in a very advance. Another reason is that Russian Railways Company often tries to save tickets primarily for passengers who are taking the whole trip from Moscow to Vladivostok or back.

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Train Route and Timetable

Train 001 “Rossiya” Vladivostok - Moscow 

Train Station* Arrival
(Moscow time)
(Moscow time)
Hours ahead of Moscow Running days
Vladivostok ... 15:30 +7 Day 1
Even dates
Khabarovsk 03:55 04:25 +7 Day 2
Chita 20:21 20:46 +6 Day 3
Ulan-Ude 05:56 06:21 +5 Day 4
Slyudyanka 10:56 10:58 +5 Day 4
Irkutsk 13:12 13:47 +5 Day 4
Krasnoyarsk 07:37 07:57 +4 Day 5
Novosibirsk 19:21 19:40 +3 Day 5
Omsk 03:01 03:17 +3 Day 6
Yekaterinburg 15:22 15:45 +2 Day 6
Perm 21:07 21:27 +2 Day 6
Nizhny Novgorod 10:50 11:02 0 Day 7
Moscow 17:43 ... 0 Day 7

Train 002 “Rossiya” Moscow - Vladivostok 

Train Station* Arrival
(Moscow time)
(Moscow time)
Hours ahead of Moscow Running days
Moscow ... 23:45 0 Day 1
Odd dates
Nizhny Novgorod 05:34 05:44 0 Day 2
Perm 19:48 20:08 +2 Day 2
Yekaterinburg 01:28 01:51 +2 Day 3
Omsk 13:47 14:03 +3 Day 3
Novosibirsk 22:01 22:20 +3 Day 3
Krasnoyarsk 09:16 09:36 +4 Day 4
Irkutsk 02:30 02:55 +5 Day 5
Slyudyanka 04:59 05:01 +5 Day 5
Ulan-Ude 09:25 09:50 +5 Day 5
Chita 19:04 19:29 +6 Day 5
Khabarovsk 10:54 11:24 +7 Day 7
Vladivostok 23:17 ... +7 Day 7

Last update:  October 5, 2011

* There are only major train stops listed that may be of an interest for the Trans-Siberian travelers.


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