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Irkutsk: Decembrist Volkonsky Mansion Museum 

Decembrist Volkonsky Museum is one of the most interesting and marvelous house-museums of Irkutsk. If you happen to be in the city don’t miss the opportunity to visit it, otherwise your impression from Irkutsk will be incomplete. The Volkonsky museum is included in all tourists programs for it leaves warm memorable feelings.

The museum, once a private house of the exiled noble family was built in 1837. The house miraculously survived in the Soviet times when its rooms hosted communal flats. After a long restoration the Volkonsky house was opened again in 1985 as a museum. The interior of the XIXth century mention has been entirely preserved. You will see in the museum Decembrists belongings, authentic furniture of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Architects even managed to reconstruct from small fragments authentic wallpaper and stove tiles.

Decembrists movement constitutes an important part in the Russian history. It’s a story of young patriots who wanted to overthrow absolute power of the tsar and abolish serfdom. They were top society people send after rebellion to Siberia, condemned to spend here the best part of their life. It’s a story of true love for most wives of the exiled followed their husbands and only God knows how difficult it was…

The story of Decembrists strikes even Russian tourists familiar with it from the textbooks. One thing is when you read about, another - is when you start to imaging yourself on place of Decembrists and their wives. This unique museum will help you to feel a contemporary of the Decembrists.

Especially for the big tourist groups the Volkonsky museum organizers unforgettable evenings of concert music. The last few years the Volkonsky museum also offers its visitors to become a participant of the program «Night in the museum».

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