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En Route to Listvyanka: Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture 

The Architectural ethnographic museum "Taltsy" is a picturesque open air-museum of old-time Siberian wooden architecture. The museum is situated 47 km (29 mi) from Irkutsk along the highway to Listvyanka Settlement on lake Baikal waterside.

The territory of the museum was inhabited already in the Stone Age. The XIX-th century witnessed a glass and china making factory on this site with a small but prosperous village next to it. In the middle of the XX-th century with the construction of hydroelectric power stations on the Angara river this territory was flooded. By common efforts of architects and restores, however, we managed to preserve the most interesting and valuable houses of the XVII-XX-th centuries that could have been inevitably destroyed. Now you can see them brought into one place on the bank of the blue-eyed Angara together with traditional dwellings of local nationalities – The Evenks and the Buryats. In addition to dwelling-houses the museum can boast of a cascade of watermills made in the XIX-th century, the oldest preserved wooden Ilimsk church with mica windows built in 1679, ŕ part of Ilimsk fortress of 1667, a church parish school and the XVIII-th century manor of a middle-class peasant with soot on the ceiling and walls, for there were no chimneys at that time.

Taltsy is more than just a museum of wooden architecture. Once you find yourself in Taltsy, you forget about hectic rhythm of modern life and let the atmosphere of the countryside enchant you. Judge for yourself: where else you can go for a ride on Russian troika, buy some authentic hand-made souvenirs made of clay, extracted and processed in the same area, birch bark utensils used for keeping food fresh for a long time, pictures and even jewelry made of this wonderful natural material, see an interesting exhibition of dolls dressed in traditional Russian costumes, go on the swings and slide in winter, try you skill in stilts walking. A tavern and a tea house are also here ready to feed hungry tourists.

Many visitors of Taltsy museum have very warm recollections of this place and we hope you will be among them!
En Route to Listvyanka: Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture En Route to Listvyanka: Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture En Route to Listvyanka: Taltsy Museum of Wooden ArchitectureEn Route to Listvyanka: Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture

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