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Listvyanka: Baikal Museum 

Baikal (Limnological) Museum located in Listvaynka can be considered the best existing museum at the lake. The museum has a long history. First in 1928 there used to be a limnologocal station. Later in 1961 it was reorganized into a Limnological Institute of Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Science. Though, officially the museum has got its status only in 1993, its exposition was being formed from 1928. By now Limnological Museum is a very popular place, annually more than 50 thousand people visit this museum.

Baikal Museum exposition in addition to regular exhibits of the lake’s flora and fauna includes aquariums with fish, crustacea, sponges and seals. In order to make this alive exposition, the museum ordered special acrylic glass that does not become misted. Thus, the visitors of the museum can see Baikal endemics as if they were next to them at the depth of hundred and thousand meters. To make this feeling even more life-like, the museum quite recently started to offer a new entertainment called "interactive submergence". Tourists are invited to see mysterious underwater life of the lake through the portals of a submarine. Though, the journey takes only a quarter of an hour, visitors manage to reach the maximum depth of the lake – 1,637 meters – and see the most interesting species living underwater.

The museum is constantly developing and improving. New expositions are opened and more and more space is cleared for new interesting exhibits. Though, Baikal is the oldest lake in the world, there are still many unexplored facts and secrets about it that wait for their disclosure…

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