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Irkutsk: Regional Studies Museum 

Regional Studies (Local Lore) Museum of Irkutsk is unique in many aspects. First of all the building made in Moresque style of architecture is very unusual of Siberia and you won’t find the second of its kind in the whole city. It was one of the first provincial museums built in Siberia. First established in 1782 by now Regional Studies museum has a very rich collection of about 350 thousand different exhibits. This museum used to hold the first Siberian observatory on the second floor and was the first in many other undertakings. Famous researchers, among whom there were Obruchev and Potanin used to cooperate with it and many of these enlightened people belonged to the Russian Geographical Society, the first scientific organization of Siberia.

In general, the whole exposition bears the name "The history of the Irkutsk region from paleolith till our days". In fact, you get a very clear picture of how the region developed from the most ancient times looking at the rarities. Among the most interesting displays visitors can see traditional costumes of local nationalities that inhabited Eastern Siberia before the Russians came to establish the first trading posts.

Regional Studies museum has a very convenient location – after a big fire of 1879 the wooden building was burned down and a new rich and magnificent stone construction appeared in the end of the central Karl Marks street and an old embankment of the Angara river. Walking along quiet allays of the oldest part of the city many tourists take notice of the prominent building of the Regional Studies Museum and decide to stop by. The museum also attracts quite many tourists due to a small souvenir shop, where you can buy jewelry skillfully made of Siberian stones, pictures, wooden and birch bark items.
Irkutsk: Regional Studies Museum

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