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Theatrical Tram at Irkutsk streets 

Lake Baikal News
The theatrical street car runs between tram stops Volgskaya and Irkutsk Technical University this year. Mysterious people wearing masks meet and greet passengers, then hand out sweets and Irkutsk Drama Theatre performance schedules. They also tell tram’s passengers about writers, poets and actors, about the history of Irkutsk city and the places the tram passes by. This is the way students of Youth Theater Movement decided to draw public attention to the fact that Irkutsk Drama Theater turns 160 while Irkutsk city itself celebrates 350 year anniversary this year. This tram route has been chosen since it passes the old street of Irkutsk where houses of famous Russian and Siberian writers – Molchanov-Sibirski, Rasputin, Vampilov and Markov – are located.

Besides, until February 20 if you see the tram decorated in drama theater style make sure you take a picture of you with this tram or inside of it. Then bring this picture to the Drama theater booking office and get a free pass for two persons for any theater performance.

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