Baikal Irkutsk Trans Siberian

New Exhibit Opened at Taltsy Museum 

2011-12-27 admin
Taltsy Museum of wooden architecture welcomes visitors to its newly-opened exposition of ornaments that were used by Russians to festoon New Year trees during the Soviet-time era.

Tourist Train Moscow-Beijing Starts Running on August, 15 

2011-08-15 admin
Passengers of the train will spend two weeks having excursion program in the cities of stopovers on their way.

Ice-Yachting Championship will be Held at Lake Baikal in 2012 

2011-08-12 admin
The decision to host a race at Lake Baikal was made by Russian Association of International DN Iceboats.

Sculpture Exhibition to Be Opened at Circum Baikal Railway 

2011-08-10 admin
The exhibition called “Sculptured prayer” is held in Old Angasolka settlement which is situated on the Circum Baikal Railway track.

Trans-Siberian Railroad and Lake Baikal documentary to be shown to French 

2011-07-11 admin
French documentarian Christian Durand shows Lake Baikal to the French in the documentary film about Trans-Siberian Railroad.

Theatrical Tram at Irkutsk streets 

2011-01-31 admin
The theatrical street car runs in Irkutsk to draw public attention to the fact that Irkutsk Drama Theater turns 160 while Irkutsk city itself celebrates 350 year anniversary this year.

International Winter Games Festival Zimniada-2011 

2011-01-24 admin
The annual event called Zimniada International Winter Games Festival will start on shores of Lake Baikal at February 19, 2011.

Schedule of Events at Crystal Nerpa Ice-Sculpture Festival – 2011 

2011-01-19 admin
The annual ice-sculpturing event, the Crystal Nerpa Festival, will be held in February right next to Listvyanka main pier.

Group of tourists from all over the world arrived to Irkutsk 

2011-01-12 admin
Those are 150 tourists from 22 countries who travel by Trans-Siberian railway to dispel the myths about Russia.

Ice Castle Opened in Listvyanka 

2010-12-30 admin
One of the most popular winter attractions have already been opened in Listvyanka settlement. Ice-castle, sculptures and slides appeared here by the Lake Baikal shoreline.

Irkutsk scuba-divers performed underwater in Baikal 

2010-12-27 admin
In spite of heavy frosts Irkutsk scuba-divers dove beneath the surface of Baikal where they performed a scene of the ancient local legend..

New Christmas show to be performed by Baikal seals 

2010-12-23 admin
Irkutsk Nerpinarium is getting ready for Christmas and New Year celebrations. They are rehearsing a new show with Baikal seals.

Express Train 9/10 “Baikal” Summer Statistics 

2010-09-21 admin
Express Train No. 9/10 “Baikal” is one of the most famous quality trains that is operated by Russian Railway Company. It used to run every second day between Irkutsk and Moscow..

Aero Mongolia Resumes Flights to Irkutsk 

2010-08-21 admin
Mongolian airline company Aero Mongolia resumed regular service from Ulan-Bator to Irkutsk in August, 2010. Irkutsk to Ulan-Bator flight was discontinued after summer season..

James Cameron Spent His Birthday Diving Mini-Sub at Baikal 

2010-08-16 admin
Cameron boarded the Mir-1 mini-sub and spent a few hours in Lake Baikal's waters.

Korean Air to Open New Flight from Seoul to Irkutsk 

2010-07-30 admin
Irkutsk will become the first and the only city in Siberia which is going to have a direct connection with Korean capital city Seoul.

Eznis Airways to Start Regular Service from Ulan-Bator to Ulan-Ude 

2010-06-8 admin
On June 2010, Mongolian airline company Eznis Airways launched the new scheduled flight from Ulan-Bator to Ulan-Ude city east of Baikal Lake.

Number of Russian Visitors at Baikal Lake Remain Steady 

2010-06-3 admin
Number of Russian Visitors at Baikal Lake Remain Steady while International Tourist Arrivals Declined.