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Irkutsk scuba-divers performed underwater in Baikal 

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In spite of heavy frosts of -20s ºF Irkutsk scuba-divers dove beneath the surface of Baikal where they performed a scene of the ancient local legend telling the love story between young lady Angara and her beloved Enisey. Divers spent underwater over 40 minutes performing the scene.

Sergey Kistenev says: “We wanted to do something new and special. That’s why we decided to play folk legend about Angara - the daughter of old men Baikal - who ran away from her father to the young warrior Enisey. This legend was being told for many centuries, but it has never been played on the underwater stage before".

It was not too hard to write a script of the performance but it was a challenge to rehearse. Divers practiced on the land while the performance itself took place at the depth of over 20 feet near the shore at Listvyanka settlement. At first divers installed decorations for the underwater stage including table, chair, window frame, telephone and tape recorder. The legend was adapted to a modern interpretation, and the action took place in the stylized apartment. Later when the curtains were rung up 8 scuba-diver actors appeared on the stage.

Camera operators and diving instructors were the only spectaculars at the show. Divers decided to make a short movie out of the video they filmed underwater. They are also planning to record dialogues and make the subtitles for the film.

A year ago Irkutsk scuba-divers had been singing and dancing around the Christmas tree which was also placed beneath the surface of Lake Baikal. Next year they promise to invent some new ideas for their annual underwater show.

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