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Bolshie Koty Settlement 

The next biggest settlement northwards from Listvyanka is Bolshie Koty village. Though the distance from Listvyanka to Bolshie Koty settlement is only 18 km (11 mi) or half an hour journey on a hydrofoil, the latter is a more secluded place.

Nowadays most of the wooden houses in the village are used as summer cottages and so in winter the place looks almost desolate. In summertime, however, quite many tourists enjoy here the sound of the lake lapping against the rocks, fabulous sunsets and an amazingly clear sky at nights that makes stars and the Milky Way look brighter and closer to you. The magic of this place is in its beauty. Here you can enjoy on the one hand blessings of civilization (comfortable accommodation, little shops) and on the other – simple and wild beauty of the Siberian lake.

Paths going from the village along the lake’s shore are very good for hiking. One of such paths leads to a small observation platform from which you can see the whole village (so called «Grebeshok» peak). Once at the place of Bolshie Koty settlement people mined gold, so walking around don’t be surprised if you come across upcasts, wooden gutters and abandoned dredges.

The village also has a small but interesting museum founded by professor Kozhov. It exhibits a rich collection of the lake’s flora and fauna.

Take advantage of a short Siberian summer, meet the sunrise with your nearest and dearest here!
Bolshie Koty Settlement

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