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When planning a trip to Lake Baikal that would cover several destinations one may notice that there are certain difficulties with ground transportation in the area. We have no automobile road which would go around the lake, nor even a round-Baikal trekking or cycling path. Trans-Siberian railway and highway tracks access the most southern extremity of the lake making it available for visitors. There is also a number of deadend roads that reach destinations in the middle portion of the lake (e.g. Olkhon Island and Barguzinsky bay), but these roads are in a rather poor state with some segments still with no pavement.

All other destinations particularly in the middle and northern portions of the lake are hard to reach. Many areas are accessible only by foot or by water. However, due to a lack of cruise fleet and short summer season round-Baikal cruises are tremendously expensive especially for small groups and individual travelers. On the other hand, it helped most of the shoreline remain in its pristine beauty untouched by development and numerous car campers.

Now, there is no need to freight a private boat to enjoy sceneries from the water or to travel to many off-the-beaten path destinations. The network of public hydrofoil, ferry and motor boat connections is being rapidly developed during last years. Regular scheduled ferry service is merely the only form of transportation to some remote destinations like Bolshie Koty settlement and Peschanaya (Sandy) Bay. For other spots, e.g. Olkhon Island and Barguzinskiy Bay, ferry service is a nice alternative to exhausting bus ride on poor quality local roads.

Besides being a part of the public transport system, passenger ferries can be used for a single-day round-way trip from Irkutsk along the Angara river to Listvyanka and further along the lake shoreline to Bolshie Koty or to the Circum-Baikal railway. This boat ride would allow holiday makers to admire magnificent views on secluded bays and steep rocky shores and come back to Irkutsk the same day.

At this page you can find timetable and prices for ferry boat and hydrofoil services in 2012. Please, note that fares may be somewhat different from what is indicated in your ticket. Our tariffs include the fee for advance booking charged by ferry operator company and agent’s commission for ticket purchase and delivery within Irkutsk. If booked directly at the pier in Solnechniy residential district of Irkutsk you can surely find somewhat cheaper rates.

Water Transportation: Schedules and Fares

Irkutsk to Listvyanka and Bolshie Koty

Irkutsk to Peschanaya Bay

Irkutsk to Ust-Barguzin & Chivyrkuyskiy Bay (stops at Peschanaya Bay & Olkhon Island)

Irkutsk to Nizhneangarsk (stops at Olkhon Island)

Excursion boat to the Circum Baikal railway

Passenger Ferry Service Passenger Ferry Service Passenger Ferry Service

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