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One Day Tour to Lake Baikal 

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Season: year-round
Duration:  8 hours (includes lunch in a fish restaurant)

Sightseeing: Taltsy Museum, Angara Outlet with Shaman Rock, Limnological Museum, Chersky peak view point, St. Nicholas Church.

Description:  Departure to Listvyanka settlement at the lake shoreline. As we travel to Listvyanka make a stop for a two-hour excursion to Taltsy open-air museum of wooden architecture where one can discover the culture and the lifestyle of native Siberians and Russians lived in this area. Museum funds include over 40 original wooden buildings with some authentic traits of Siberian wooden art. The most valuable and rare of them are the “Tower of our Savior” built in 1667 and the Khazanskaya Chapel built in 1669.

When approaching the lake you will observe the mouth of the Angara River with the famous Shaman rock right in the middle. Here we make a short stop to walk around local crafts market and enjoy local’s legend about Shaman-rock told by your guide. Lunch in local fish restaurant tasting famous Baikal omul fish. Visit to Baikal Museum with the diverse collection of flora and fauna. You will also see here aquaria with some of endemic species including nerpa – the only fresh water seal in the world.  Then we take a chairlift to the top of Chersky peak from where one can enjoy a magnificent view on lake's vast water expanse, Angara River and peaks snow-capped Khamar Daban Mountain Range on lake opposite side. Return to Irkutsk.

* 1 pax: USD 315 p/p
* 2 pax: USD 190 p/p
* 3 pax: USD 175 p/p

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