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Shamanist Religion 

Shamanism is one of the most ancient religions that appeared 30 thousand years ago and thus related to pagan believes. Itís mainly based on nature worshiping. Those familiar with American Indiansí believes may see likeness between these two religions.

Shamanism believers (Buryats) think that spirits of nature, good and bad, live in trees, mountains, hills. Instead of one supreme God the world is governed by 99 spirits and only a powerful man can serve a mediator between them and mere mortals. This person is usually spiritually strong and has a unique ability to communicate with spirits. Shamans are very respected people in the Buriat culture, since only peculiar man can fall into a trance, conduct holy rituals and even levitate. Shamans really helped common people in everyday life: they healed babies, triggered rain, gave people advice in hard times.

Olkhon Island, the biggest island of lake Baikal, is still considered the center of shamanism. Every two years from different places shamans come to this sacred place to share knowledge and experience.

Nowadays, however, few people in the Buryat culture possess secret knowledge of shaman. Thus, it can be very interesting to know how exactly these privy rituals were conducted and how the magic power of shaman helped them to work wonders from the stories of still alive witnesses.

Shamanist ReligionShamanist ReligionShamanist Religion

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