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Trans-Siberian Ticket Fares 

We always try to avoid quoting any train fares at this web before we know your particular route and exact travel date. The reason for that is because Trans-Siberian ticket prices depend on too many factors.  

First, fares within Russian territory vary significantly throughout the year. Summer season, mid-December before the New Year and Christmas vacations and the end of April till early May before the Labor Day in Russia are the most expensive time to travel by railway within Russia’s territory. Though, ticket fares for international routes are quoted in the Swiss franc and remain stable throughout the year without any seasonal corrections, those still differ from time to time due to the currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Second, there are numerous trains that have different level of comfort and, thus, fares. Trains that have a single or double-digit number and its own brand name (e.g. train 1/2 “Rossiya” express) would be the fastest, the nicest, yet the most expensive out of all alternatives. As a rule, the less number you see, the faster and the better this train is, but in turn the higher price is requested for that.

Besides top-quality trains like No. 1/2 “Rossiya”, No. 9/10 “Baikal” or No. 15/16 “Urals”, there are also quite fast, but more regular ones with a standard quality. Such trains are not targeted at tourists and do not provide any extras; it is just a train that brings you from one city to another. Those can be a cheaper alternative to the top-quality “firmenniy” trains. There are also numerous slow lower-quality options that can usually be recognized by 3-digit number (e.g. train 349/350 Moscow-Blagoceshchensk). Fares are much lower, but the quality is often very poor in addition to extra hours spent on board. Read more about types of Russian trains

Third, some trains may have a few carriages in which tickets include extra “services”. “With services” usually means newspapers and toilet accessories provided for passengers as well as meals that are included into the ticket price and served into the compartment by car attendants. Meals are usually a hot full-course dinner each night. This also affects the final cost of your train travel making a ticket somewhat more expensive.

And finally, Russian Railways have promotional discount for upper berths in 2-nd class compartments during the summer season. Besides that, kids under 10 years old travel with another 50% discount for both bottom and upper shelves. For instance, when a family of 2 adults and 2 kids takes buys tickets in 2-nd class cabin it turns out to be cheaper to book 2 bottom berths for kids since their discount is taken then out of the full train fare. This can make per person travel cost a lot cheaper than for average group of adult travelers.

Send us an email stating your route, travel dates and number of travelers, and we will come back to you with a list of options and rates.

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