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Ferry from Irkutsk to Peschanaya Bay 

Peschanaya Bay is one of the most famous destinations at Lake Baikal. It is the only place in Eastern Siberia where average annual temperature is above freezing due to unusually mild microclimate. The whole area is also renowned for perfect sandy beaches of Peschanay Bay and two smaller bays located nearby. Another attraction of Peschanay Bay is the unique pine trees that grow along the shoreline. Wind blows sandy soil away from underneath of them, so that pines have tall routes that appear as if trees are walking on stilts.

There is a scheduled hydrofoil service to Peschanaya Bay twice a week. Besides that, passenger ferries to Ust-Barguzin and Chivyrkuyskiy Bay make a short stop at Peschanaya Bay on the way to the east shore of Lake Baikal.

Timetable and Fares

Destinations Arrival time Departure time Ticket fare
Irkutsk – Peschanaya Bay – Irkutsk
Period: June 24 - August 28. Weekdays: Fridays & Sundays
Irkutsk ... 9:15 am ...
Peschanaya Bay 1:00 pm 5:15 pm 80
Irkutsk 9:00 pm ... 80

*Discounts apply when round-way trip is booked

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