Baikal Irkutsk Trans Siberian

Classic Trans-Mongolian Railway Tour 

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Tour Duration: 11 days
Group Size: 2 - 5 people
Specialty Categories: Sightseeing, Railway Trips, Excursion Tours
Season: May - October
Price Per Person: USD 2,445 and above


This is a popular program that covers a part of Trans-Siberian track from Moscow to Ulan-Bator with two en-route stopovers at the west and east coasts of Lake Baikal. Like most of our cultural trips with sightseeing, history and ethnographic program it enables you to explore our culturally diverse region. You will admire the views of the most traditional golden onion-bulb-shaped domes of Russian Orthodox churches in Moscow and Irkutsk. Then the tour proceeds to Buryatia which is being the center of Buddhist religion in Russia and at the same time a home for the Old Believers’ Christians who were exiled to the remote wilds of TransBaikalia back in XVII-th century. Finally reaching Mongolia you will find old Buddhist monasteries, the monolithic architecture of the Soviet era and the immense number of traditional nomad gers all mixed up in one place.

Tour Itinerary:
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Prices (per person)

Tour program:
- Deluxe accommodation (4-5* hotels):
* 2 pax: $1,875 p/p
* 3 pax: $1,585 p/p
* 4-6 pax: $1,475 p/p
* Single supplement: $255

- Standard accommodation (3* hotels):
* 2 pax: $1,740 p/p
* 3 pax: $1,465 p/p
* 4-6 pax: $1,335 p/p
* Single supplement: $200

Train ticket Moscow-Irkutsk:
- Option 1. Top-quality Train 002 "Rossiya". Days of running: Odd dates
* 1-st class (2-berth): No meals - $1,250, Meals included - $1,370
* 2-nd class (4-berth): No meals - $730, Meals included - $795

- Option 2 Express train 004/006. Days of running: Tue, Wed, Thu
* 2-nd class (4-berth): No meals - $495

- Option 3. Regular Train 340/350. Days of running: Daily
* 2-nd class (4-berth): No meals - $460, Meals included - $530

Train ticket Irkutsk-Ulan-Ude:
- Train 362
* 2-nd class (4-berth), no meals: $85

Train ticket Ulan-Ude - Ulan-Bator (Ulaanbaatar):
- Train 362
* 2-nd class (4-berth), no meals: $160

Price Includes:
- Accommodation as stated in the itinerary on ½ DBL sharing basis
- Meals as stated in the itinerary
- All individual transfers by car or tourist coach
- English-speaking guide during transfers and excursions
- Entry and admission fees to all museums and sites listed
- Russian visa support


Price Excludes:
- Air tickets or train tickets to Moscow/ from Ulan-Bator
- Health insurance.

- Train trip can be substituted for airflights: Moscow-Irkutsk flight takes approximately 6 hours. Airfare starts from USD 350. Irkutsk-Ulan-Ude flight (Tue, Thu, Sat) takes 40 mins. Airfare starts from USD 100. Ulan-Ude - Ulaanbaatar flight (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun) takes 1,5 hrs. Airfare starts from USD 230.

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