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Group of tourists from all over the world arrived to Irkutsk 

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Those are 150 tourists from 22 countries who travel together by Trans-Siberian railway making stops at big Russian cities. The purpose of their trip is to dispel the myths about Russia. The unusual expedition started on Jan 7, 2011 at Vladivostok, Russia. The travelers plan to cover over 9,000 kilometers (about 5,500 miles) during 19 days. The expedition will finish on Jan, 24 in Moscow.

As soon as they came to Irkutsk they went to Lake Baikal and even decided to dip into the lake. In spite of the frosts and wind each traveler in this group has dipped into Lake Baikal.

Amadeo Rozenheim from Mexico says: "My parents told me I was crazy when they got to know that I was going to visit Russia. Especially after I mentioned that I was going to do this in January, when it’s pretty cold out there. But it is a great experience for myself, for my way of thinking, my consciousness and my mind."

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