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Irkutsk: Our Saviorís Church 

The church of Our Savior (Spasskaya) is one of the most beautiful churches located in the most historical heart of Irkutsk. The church is considered to be the first stone structure in Irkutsk and the oldest existing stone building in modern Irkutsk. Its construction began in 1706, right inside of the wooden fort from which Irkutsk originated. Its high altar was finished by 1710. The belfry was added to the church in 1716. The church rises to a height of 42 meters (138 ft). The groundwork of the church is in the form of a square.

A considerable part of the exterior was covered by frescos. During the restoration works of the church in the 1990s the architects found some of them under a thick layer of paint. Later the frescos were restored and now one can see them on the walls of the church. All the frescos are unique in character and interpretation; despite the religious subjects of the frescos their character is quite realistic. One of the most interesting frescos depicts the Buryats Ė native Siberians, being baptized. The extensive use of the fresco painting in decorative work shows the great skills of the painters of the time. This work demanded exceptional precision and speed for all the frescos had to be painted on wet plaster.
Irkutsk: Our Saviorís ChurchIrkutsk: Our Saviorís ChurchIrkutsk: Our Saviorís Church

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