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Irkutsk: Epiphany Cathedral 

Epiphany Cathedral is one of three churches in the historical heart of Irkutsk. It was built in typical Baroque style. The construction of the Epiphany church had been finished by 1723. The first visitors of the church could see interesting examples of stone coverings and tiles – thin pieces of fired clay. One of the pictures is showing the city’s coat of arms on which two animals are depicted. The first on is babr - a mythical animal – that is holding sable in its teeth that in turn is a symbolic of the city’s power and wealth. The church of Epiphany is famous for its bell-tower. From 1796 till 1879 the tower contained a huge bell weighting over 12 tons (over 26 thousand pounds). The bell melted during a two-day fire in July 1879. The church has been restored to house one of the city convents.

Irkutsk: Epiphany CathedralIrkutsk: Epiphany CathedralIrkutsk: Epiphany Cathedral

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