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Listvyanka: Shaman Rock at the Headwaters of Angara River 

The outlet of the Angara River does not freeze in winter due to the river’s steep gradient that result in a fast speed of Angara’s flow. This is a place where waterfowl ducks spend severe Siberian winters - the only one in Northern Asia.

The width of the Angara River at the source is about 1 km (0.6 mi). The maximum depth is about 3 meters (10 ft). In the middle of the river one can observe the Shaman Rock which is one of the stony juts of the Shamansky Rapids – the stony foundation of Primorsky Range once linking the opposite banks of the river.

The Evenks called the river Yangara, the Buryats – Angarkhan, Angarkhoy or Anga which if translated from Buryat language means clear space, passage, gully cleft or literally an opened mouth. This gigantic break up well mapped from space was formed 30,000-35,000 years ago when the Baikal water forced its way down this river bed.

The Shaman Rock is considered to be a boundary between the river and the lake. The rock in the past was a traditional place of rituals for native Siberians who were shamanist believers.

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