Baikal Irkutsk Trans Siberian

Listvyanka: Nerpinarium 

Quite many of us have seen dolphin shows. A few people have seen the only fresh water seal (or Baikal nerpa as itís locally called) in the wild. And only few people have the opportunity to see Baikal nerpa performing in public Ė those who leave in Irkutsk near lake Baikal and those who have ventured to go to Siberia and visit Listvyanka settlement on the southern shore of the lake.

Lisvanka nerpinarium offers the unique Baikal nerpa show: one can see nerpa singing, solving math problems, playing water polo and even jumping out of water which never happens in their natural state. Strange and striking as it may seem these clever animals were even taught to make pictures and they will paint them just before your eyes. As the animal trainers confess this vivid and amazing show was the result of much time and efforts because naturally nerpa is very cautious and tries to hide from people. As for the two seals that star in the show, they seem quite comfortable and happy as they got accustomed to publicís attention and genuine delight.

Come and see it yourself. Both adults and children will get a great deal of kick out of the show!

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