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Peschanaya Bay 

Peschanaya bay (lit. Sandy Bay) is the only place on lake Baikal where annual temperature is above zero. That’s quite unusual given that the frost free period in Siberia is from 75 to 82 days only.

This cozy little bay is a wonderful place for calm repose. Having a form of a crescent, protected from both sides by high rocks named Bolshaya and Malaya Kolokolnya (Big and Small Belltowers), the bay remains quite and safe even in stormy weather. Tourist like sandy beaches here (also quite rare thing for the lake with predominantly pebble shores).

Besides the beauty of this lovely remote piece of land, Peschanaya bay is known for its fantastically looking old larch trees. Constant Baikal winds denuded their wreathed knobby roots of sandy ground and larches growing along the shore got the name «walking trees».

The bay has a very comfortable climate, no wonder it was inhabited from the old ages. Archeologist found here fragments of ceramics and tools of neolith époque. Nowadays it gives shelter to modern tourists. This sunny and dry bay may be reached only by water and those few people who manage to get here may be sure their rest won’t be spoiled by crowds of nosy tourists and loud music.

Peschanaya BayPeschanaya BayPeschanaya BayPeschanaya Bay

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